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U Neek Jewels - "Take a stand against blood diamonds!"

What We Stand For

Designed to possess the dramatic and dazzling brilliance of diamond jewelry, our top quality silver cubic zirconia jewelry line believes in taking a stand against blood diamonds.

What are Blood Diamonds?

Also known as conflict diamonds, blood diamonds are diamonds that were mined in a war zone. They come from conflict-ridden countries that suffer from terrorism and human right abuse. Most of the time, these diamonds are sold to benefit war-torn areas, to fund illegal activities for military and terrorist groups in different African countries such as Angola, Sierra Leone and Liberia, where citizens of these countries continue to suffer at the hands of these groups.

There are efforts being made by the United Nations, including several South African countries, to stop this kind of trade. The South African countries determine the origin of rough diamonds in the market, and if established that the diamonds came from conflict areas, they would stop the diamonds' refining and distribution process. They have devised a process known as the Kimberly Process, which aims to track the rough or uncut diamonds that enter another country. As a result, before any diamonds are allowed entry into a country, shippers have to provide documentation proving that their diamonds did not come from a conflict area.

Despite all the potentials being seen in the Kimberly Process, not all countries are participating in this program. This is quite a normal ordeal because the Kimberly Process is a comprehensive program that requires complete cooperation from dozens of governments and agencies in order for it to work effectively. Not all countries can agree to all the terms of the Kimberly Process. Despite these setbacks, the Kimberly Process has achieved remarkable developments in stopping the trade of conflict diamonds. In time, the Kimberly Process can be a significant force in minimizing the illegal diamond trade.

While there are programs being implemented to stop the illegal diamond trade in Africa, you can also do your part in stopping these activities by avoiding the purchase of conflict diamonds. Currently, most diamond retailers cannot give you the assurance that the diamonds you are buying did not come from an illegal trade or a conflict area. However, you can change that—if you demand the necessary records to show prove of the diamond's origin. Even better, you can instead, choose to purchase fine cubic zirconia diamonds like the ones sold here on this site. They are not only less expensive, but they emulate the brilliant look of diamonds, and have a refractive index, dispersion and hardness so close to a diamond, it is uncanny. When you buy cubic zirconia diamonds, you can be absolutely certain you are not buying blood diamonds!

Learn the difference between diamonds and cubic zirconia diamonds.


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